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  Dinner Specials

DOUBLE ENTREE -- with California roll, salad, miso soup, rice & fruit

Two choices from the entrees listed below:
  1. *TUNA SASHIMI -- Filet of raw tuna
  2. *SABA SHIOYAKI -- Grilled mackerel
  3. *SALMON TERIYAKI -- Broiled salmon with teriyaki sauce
  4. *TEMPURA -- Shrimp and vegetables deep-fried Japanese style
  5. *KANI KOROKKE -- Deep-fried creamy crab cake
  6. BUSH STEAK -- Bush Garden style grilled beef
  7. JAPANESE BARBECUED PORK RIBS -- A Bush Garden favorite
  8. CHICKEN TERIYAKI -- Broiled chicken with teriyaki sauce
  9. TONKATSU -- Deep-fried pork cutlets

  Bush Garden Specialties

FAMILY STYLE DINNER (minimum 3 orders)
Chicken and beef teriyaki, salmon (shioyaki, teriyaki or kogane), assorted sushi rolls, tempura & tonkatsu, served with salad, miso soup and rice

Sashimi, sushi, tempura, salmon (shioyaki, teriyaki or kogane), chicken teriyaki

*Animal fat-free (may include egg or fish)
Items and prices subject to change
 614 Maynard Avenue S. Seattle, WA 98104   (206)682-6830